Allisonville PTO sponsors or helps coordinate volunteers for…


Popsicle Pop-In  is the event before the first day of each new school year. Families can come to school, find out what classroom they will be in that year, meet teachers and staff, sign up for volunteer and PTO positions, learn about after-school activities, bring their supplies and enjoy a frozen treat.

Veteran’s Day/VIP Day welcomes a grandparent, aunt, uncle or special person in our student’s life into the classroom to learn about what they’ve been working on, honor their support and encourage students to do their best. AVPTO will have a sign up for parent volunteers to help make it run smoothly and that no child is without a person to see their work.

Class Parties are hosted twice per school year in October and February (Valentine’s Day). Room parents help coordinate activities for each classroom and the PTO provides snacks and drinks for all students.

Gator Safari Spring Carnival is a brand new event where students and parents alike will celebrate the end of the school year with games and fun for the whole family!

Trivia Night is Allisonville PTO’s big annual fundraising event that puts the FUN in FUNdraiser! This is an adult’s only evening and held off-campus.  This is an awesome way to meet other AV parents in a not-so-serious atmosphere and raise monies to help with the PTO budget.

4th and 5th Grade Field Days  take place at the end of the school year during school with parent volunteers inField Day Photo with our specials teachers. Its a fun way for our older students to enjoy some time outside and use their energy, their teamwork and enthusiasm for warmer weather.

5th Grade Celebration and Honors Day events provide a chance for us to send our 5th graders off in style and celebrate their time as an Allisonville Gator. Volunteers help coordinate the events and the PTO provides funding to make sure all students can participate.

Staff Appreciation Meals and other appreciation eventsAVPTO organizes teacher/staff appreciation meals catered either by parents or a  restaurant or both. The PTO also promotes Teacher Appreciation Week and staff appreciation events toward the end of the year plus suggestions for students and families to shower our fabulous teachers with gratitude.

Trivia Night is the PTO’s annual adults only fundraiser hosted a local bar or restaurant. It’s a chance for Allisonville parents, caregivers and teachers to connect while having fund and raising money to support the school!

Upcoming Events

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